Chansamone Saiyasak

CHAN PICDr. Chansamone Saiyasak is the president of Asian Society of Missiology (ASM) and co-founder of Mekong Bible Institute and Seminary. He graduated with a B.A. in Religion (Cross-Cultural Studies), from Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1990. He studied at Theological Seminary in Germantown, Tennessee and graduated with a Master of Divinity in 1994 and a Doctor of Ministry in Missiology in 2000 as well as Ph.D. (Religious Studies & Missiology) in 2007 from Evangelische Theologische Faculteit in Belgium.

He was born in Pakse, Laos, to a Laotian mother, Pheng, and a Thai (Isan) father, Desa, on April 30, 1966. As a young boy, Chansamone had been living with his Buddhist grandfather in Ubonratchatani (Northeast Thailand) until 1979 when he followed his parents to resettle in Nashville, Tennessee. Chansamone became converted to Christianity under the ministry of Dr. Alfred G. Henson in 1982 and, afterward, answered a call to full-time gospel ministry.

In 1994, Chansamone served as the Minister of Missions at Lighthouse Baptist Church and also founded and directed the Mekong Evangelical Mission (MEM) in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Lee I. Bruckner has since served an MEM’s board chairman and Dr. Alfred G. Henson as MEM’s principal advisor. In that same year, he was ordained as a minister at Lighthouse Baptist Church. A year later in 1995, Chansamone co-founded the Global Foundation (GF) in Franklin, Tennessee, and has since then been serving as its vice-president. The purpose of GF was to provide humanitarian helps to Christian ministries world-wide.

On December 26, 1995, Chansamone’s wife, Patsalin, who had faithfully carried out the work of missions in Thailand alongside Chansamone passed away with cancer. Chansamone returned to Northeast Thailand in 1996 to continue the work of MEM and the planting of Mekong churches. His sister Keota and his brother returned from the United States to join him in Northeast Thailand in 1997. In the same year, Chansamone married Piyapon in Ubonratchatani and joined the faculty of Ratchatani University in Ubonratchani and served as full-time instructor. In 1999, Chansamone founded the Mercy Foundation (MF) as a humanitarian and educational organization and registered it with the Thai government.

By the year 2006, Chansamone together with the MEM team in Thailand, consisting of Tom Chanthavong and Jay Saiyasak and their wives, has established the Mekong Bible Institute and Seminary (MBIS), the Mercy Christian School (MCS), the Mercy Home for Children (MHC), the Mekong Radio Station (MRS), the Mercy Church Association (MCS), and a number of the Mekong/Mercy churches throughout the country of Thailand. Chansamone also currently directs the MBIS and the MCS. Piyapon serves as the main principal of the MCS. In the same year (2006), Chansamone was elected to serve as Secretary of the Coordinating Committee of the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand of the Northeastern Region. In March 2007, MEM was finally registered with the Evangelical Fellowship of Thailand. Chansamone and Piyapon have two sons: Alexander Sirikoon, age 9; Nathaniel Tirapong, age 7. They also adopted two girls, Umalai, age 12, and Malee, 8.