Previous Conventions

1973 All-Asia Missions Consultation in Seoul, Korea
(August 27-September 1, 1973)

1975 Inauguration of Asia Missions Association
(August 28-September 1, 1975)
Theme: The First Convention of AMA, Seoul, Korea

1978 The Second Convention in Singapore

Theme: Strengthen and Lengthen (Isaiah 54:2)
(November 6, 1978)

1982 The Third Convention in Seoul, Korea
(August 16-22, 1982)
Theme: Isaiah 62:10
“Go through, go through the gates;
Clear the way for the people;
Build up, build up the highway;
Remove the stones, lift up a standard over the people”.

1986 The Fourth Convention in Pasadena, USA
(October 6-12, 1986)
Theme: Thy Will be Done on Earth

1991 The Fifth Convention in Utsunomiya, Japan
(September 11-15, 1991)
Theme: The World Christian for World Mission

1997 The 6th Convention in Kobe, Japan
(April 9-10, 1997)
Theme: Mission to the World for Glory to God and Peace on Earth

2000 The Seventh Convention in Jakarta, Indonesia
(October 23-27, 2000)
Theme: Missionary Vision for the Third Millennium

2003 The Eighth Convention in Moscow, Russia
(September 9-12, 2003)
Theme: New Global Partnership for World Mission

2006 The Ninth Convention in Ephesus, Turkey
(November 7-10, 2006)
Theme: Mission, The Apostolic Way

2010 The Tenth Convention in Jakarta, Indonesia
(November 3-7, 2010)
Theme: Asian Churches in Global Mission